Coping Strategies to Implement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unexpected change all over the world and has affected each of us in various ways locally. We have all had to adjust to new normals including social distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer while out, engaging in more thorough hand washing techniques more frequently, working from home, home schooling, connecting to our places of worship online from home and so much more.

Many of us have been touched by the loss of a loved one due to the coronavirus and possibly even experienced job loss during this time due to the economic slowdown. It’s understandable that during this time you may be experiencing stress. It’s extremely important to stop and check-in with yourself and see what self-care may be needed to help you to cope with the stress you may be experiencing. Below are 6 tips published by the National Institute of Mental Health to help you cope with stress during COVID-19.

Coping with COVID-19 (NIMH)

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This may also be a stressful time for children. They have had to abruptly stop their learning in school and had to transition to learning at home. They are experiencing the loss of not being able to see their friends and classmates in person, participate in clubs, sports and in birthday parties. Some students did not get the opportunity to go to the prom or have a traditional graduation ceremony. They have all had to adapt quickly to these new COVID-19 era societal norms. As parents and grandparents, many of us are looking for ways to help children cope with the new normal. The National Institute of Mental Health has published tips on helping children and adolescents cope with this change during COVID-19 as well.

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It’s important to implement these strategies when needed to cope with stress during this time. It’s not a sign of weakness when you experience stress, it’s a normal part of life. It’s how you manage stress that can make all the difference. You are MORE than WORTH it. Most importantly know that you are not alone. We are all in this together and we will get through this together.

About the Author

Monica Akerele, MSW, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of Georgia, mom, wife, active volunteer, and Warrick Dunn Charities Advisory Council Member.